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A Letter From The President:

Our goal since Ken Cook Co. first opened our doors in 1944 to write and produce military equipment manuals for manufacturers was to continually improve productivity, quality and delivery by keeping pace with the latest technological advances. Since that time, I’m proud to say we’ve led the way to become a technically superior, single-source provider of technical content, management and delivery solutions.

Call us TodayOver the years we’ve seen (and initiated!) a lot of changes in the way technical information is used and communicated. In the 1950s, we were one of the first companies to provide all the services our clients would need for their technical manuals under one roof. To this day, design, development, programming, illustration, desktop, editing, proofing, replication, finishing, distribution, content management, inventory, shipping and fulfillment services are available completely within our facilities.

More recently, the Internet and mobile solutions have increased the demand for accurate, timely technical content available 24/7. We offer solutions to help our customers in the construction, agricultural and mining equipment, heavy-duty truck/automotive, lawn/garden, consumer durables, marine, controls, engines, military and aerospace industries meet those changing demands.

Continued research, development and monitoring of emerging technologies help us provide you with better, cost-effective solutions. That’s what drove us to develop and offer our media1off® print on demand solution. Customers were struggling to fulfill outdated or overstocked inventory. We offer a solution that takes that component of their business from a cost center to a revenue generator.

Our professional staff offers full, flexible service and total support from project inception to completion. By doing so, we can become extensions of your staff, capable of handling all – or part – of your next project. Please visit us, tour the complete facilities and get to know us better. We look forward to exploring ways we can work together to deliver technically superior solutions for you and your customers.


President and CEO
Ken Cook Co


Ken Cook Co. was founded in 1944 by Kenneth A. Cook. A young entrepreneur, he saw a need for technical product manuals in an era of rapid industrial growth. With a passion for aviation and modern technology, he built a business ahead of its time, making its start writing and producing military equipment manuals for manufacturers selling their equipment to the United States government.

Today, staying true to our strong roots in technical writing and product supporting solutions, Ken Cook Co. has taken product documentation to a new level with mobile applications, customized software programs, online ad and book builders, e-learning and automated print fulfillment. We continue to strive to meet the challenges of our clients worldwide.

We have many active clients – large and small, public and private, for-profit and nonprofit – from all over the world: a true cross-section of the global economy. We put ourselves in the world of our clients to see issues and challenges through their eyes. Our approach to individual projects is always viewed in the context of our clients’ larger business plans and strategies, enabling us to add more value to their enterprises.

Everything we do is organized around providing the best possible service to our clients. As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded resources and diversified our expertise to provide a 24/7 platform for delivering client projects, regardless of size, complexity or location.

Ken Cook Co. actively partners with local, regional and national associations. Our experts are often asked to sit on organization boards and committees, as well as participate in roundtables, breakout sessions and other presentations. Participation in these organizations helps our professionals share their knowledge and stay abreast of current industry topics and events.